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Posted by borzack On January - 1 - 2010

In the modern industrialized world, the weight loss business seems to know no bounds.  You can tell what a big industry it is by how many products are offered for sale.  You can buy fat burners or blockers, appetite suppressants, or become a member of a diet plan.

Fat Blocker

Possibly the most appealing product, on the surface, is the fat blocker.  There are both drug and herbal offerings in this category, compounds that promise to break down the fat before you can digest it.  The reason these are popular is clear enough:  It sounds as if you can lose weight without changing your eating habits or exercising.  Orlistat, also called Alli, is being used by a lot of people with lukewarm results.  Significant weight loss, defined as a loss of more than 5% of total body mass, has been achieved by only a third of the drug’s users.  And this product does have unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects, including urgent and frequent bowel movements and stomach discomfort.  Some people have reported allergic reactions.  The natural answer to Alli is made of chitosan, which comes from crustaceans.  There are other medical uses for chitosan, but the fat-blocking claims for it are iffy at best.  If it does actually work, the effect it would have is estimated to be the subtraction of ten calories from your daily diet.  This translates to less than a sip of regular soda.

Fat Burner

Another supplement choice is a fat burner.  Fat burners work by revving up metabolism, and are popular for the same reason fat blockers are.  Again, it’s supposed to be a way to lose weight without changing your behavior.  Ephedra was an extremely popular combination appetite suppressant/fat burner.  Anyone who follows news about herbal supplements or weight loss knows this story.  Peaking in popularity in the late 90s, ephedra’s downfall came when everyone realized it was dangerous despite being natural.  Users developed high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and outright heart disease.  Some high profile deaths led to the banning of ephedra.  The natural fat burner available today is bitter orange.  It seems to have a lot of the same side effects as ephedra and may be on a path to being banned someday as well. However, a more safer fat burner, Adios, is gaining popularity recently.

Appetite Suppressant

Most available weight loss supplements, whether they are pharmaceuticals or natural, are appetite suppressants.  These help you to lower the number of calories you eat daily by reducing your hunger.  This is the only product category that does have a good record for being effective.  If you use up more calories in a day than you take in, weight loss is going to happen.  It’s easier to start eating fewer calories if you really don’t want to eat much.  The drug form of this kind of product is an amphetamine which stimulates the central nervous system.  One effect of this is that you feel less hungry.  But amphetamines have other less desirable effects as well as a possibility of addiction or overdose.  Furthermore, you can only use them for a few weeks and then must quit.  Losing weight usually takes longer than this.  This short time frame combined with amphetamines’ other problems lend an appeal to natural choices.  A widely used natural appetite suppressant is green tea.  Green tea also works by stimulating the nervous system, using its natural caffeine instead of the very strong amphetamine.  The side effects of the green tea are much gentler.  Unfortunately, so is the appetite suppression, so green tea does not work very well.

Hoodia is a sensational weight loss supplement which works as an appetite suppressant.  It doesn’t take the stimulant route to suppress the appetite, but a more direct one, tricking your brain into thinking you don’t need to eat.  Say your stomach is empty; your blood sugar will then drop.  Your brain will become aware of this drop and will send out a message that you experience as hunger.  Hoodia tells your brain that your blood sugar is high, so you must be full.  It is much easier to practice good portion control and avoid overeating when you feel full in the first place.  There is now new evidence that hoodia may also increase your metabolic rate.  Of all the weight loss supplements on the market, Hoodia looks like the best bet. Check out my Top Rated Pure Hoodia page for best performance.

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