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Posted by borzack On March - 7 - 2009

Making sense of all the different forms of Hoodia supplement is one of the most confusing aspects when shopping for the perfect Hoodia. Hoodia supplements may come in various forms such as, liquid Hoodia, Hoodia powder and in future, the actual chemical P57 Hoodia extract.

Liquid Hoodia (Hoodia tincture, Hoodia extract, Hoodia elixir)

This type of Hoodia supplement is produced by soaking Hoodia powder in a solution of water and glycerine or vinegar. It does not contain alcohol, although some manufacturers may use a solution that is part water and part alcohol – you can determine this by examining the ingredients label which may indicate vinegar, glycerine or glycerol, or alcohol.

Better tasting liquid Hoodia is made without alcohol and so most consumers prefer the non-alcohol type. The ingredients label may also show ratios like “20:1” or “10:1”, this means that one part of liquid Hoodia contains 20 parts of the Hoodia Gordonii plant; a part is usually equal to one pound or a gram, hence, this means that 1 lb/gram of the liquid contains 20 lbs/gram of Hoodia Gordonii.

How Effective Is Liquid Hoodia?

Since the liquid form is easily absorbed by the body, consumers tend to claim that the liquid version is more effective compared to traditional capsules. This claim, however, is not supported by scientific evidence, and this claim has even proven to be otherwise. Capsules are apparently more effective that the liquid form.  Of the few studies conducted validating the effectiveness of Hoodia, capsules or P57 extract were used and not liquid Hoodia.

Some liquid Hoodia proponents claim that this form is more concentrated – the truth is that only a very small amount of P57 is present in liquid Hoodia showing that the liquid form is not really as effective as capsules.

Is It Possible To Make Liquid Hoodia?

Those in the industry say that making liquid Hoodia would require more Hoodia powder than traditional capsules and would therefore prove to be more expensive.

The liquid is made by soaking a huge amount of the powder to acquire a very minimal amount of the concentrated Hoodia liquid, after which, the powder is thrown away. This refutes the possibility of selling liquid Hoodia at the same, or even at a lower price than regular Hoodia capsules because of the amount of wastage involved in making liquid Hoodia.

These only point out one thing – that liquid Hoodia is a clever marketing gimmick.

Consider These Before Buying Liquid Hoodia Supplements

Products made from concentrated core Hoodia Gordonii powder are the only products that may yield favorable results when compared to traditional Hoodia capsules.

In making Hoodia liquid, the powder is soaked, and so either whole plant powder or core powder is used – core powder is more concentrated, so opt for liquid Hoodia made from this. However, most companies use whole plant powder in place of core powder.
Hoodia Powder

Whole Plant Hoodia Powder and Concentrated Core Hoodia Powder

All the parts of the plant are ground to make whole plant Hoodia powder – some of these parts don’t contain P57, while in concentrated core powder, only the peeled stems of the plant are ground. The inner core of this stem is the only part of the plant that contains P57, the active appetite suppressant. This makes whole plant powder cheaper than core powder.

Raw Hoodia Gordonii can be closely similar to concentrated core powder. This is the most expensive form of Hoodia, but also the most effective.

P57 Extract РHoodia  Of The Future

P57 is the potent chemical in Hoodia Gordonii that works to suppress appetite. Phytopharm, which is the only pharmaceutical company with the exclusive patent to P57 is currently working on techniques to extract P57 from the plant to create a supplement that is 100% P57. Hoodia powder and liquid Hoodia are not the same as P57 extract because P57 extract is the pure form of the chemical. While both the powder and liquid contain P57, the amount of the chemical in these preparations is still unknown. Phytopharm is developing means of extracting P57 from the plant itself.

The bad news is that P57 is not yet available and may not be for a couple of years to come. After being partners with Unilever and Pfizer in its Hoodia supplement developing operations, Phytopharm is still currently looking for a partner company that will help it in developing means of extracting P57 from the plant and making a supplement from this.

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