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UniqueHoodia Review

Posted by borzack On March - 14 - 2009

Purely Unique Hoodia Gordonii Diet Supplement


Unique Hoodia is definitely unique and you will agree with me after you finish reading this review. Here are the highlights of UniqueHoodia:

Availability – not limited to US only, ships Worldwide!

Affordable – $32.50 per 90 pills with multiple purchases

Authentic – contains 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii

Safe – no stimulants, no additives, no fillers

Organic – certified USDA Organic

High Customer Satisfaction – re-order rate of 93%

Guarantee – 6 months money back guarantee

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Criteria Status
Randomly Lab Tested Yes
100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii Yes
Hoodia Content Per Capsule 495 mg
Additives, Fillers, Stimulants Not Found
Hoodia Country Origin South Africa
Hoodia Variety Hoodia Gordonii
Potency Level of P57 (Standard is 0.1%) 0.15%
Price Per Bottle $54.95 (90 capsules)
CITES Certificate Yes

Being 100% Certified Organic Hoodia Gordonii is a first for UniqueHoodia.

The name of the supplement being Unique speaks a lot about it. What I initially noticed with this supplement was that it’s made with certified ORGANIC pure Hoodia Gordonii. This means that their Hoodia came from organic farms in South Africa that uses no harsh chemical whatsoever. UniqueHoodia is the first, and only, organic Hoodia in the market.

Click here to view their Organics Annex Certificate

South African farmers directly supply Hoodia Gordonii to UniqueHoodia; there are no go-betweens in the import of Hoodia for UniqueHoodia.

Unique Hoodia uses the freshest pure Hoodia Gordonii available. The manufacturer revealed to me that they receive their Hoodia supply from their broker within a month after it is harvested. Many companies have to get their Hoodia supply from various brokers and most of the time, the stock has to be kept in storage months before it hits the shelves.

Less abrasive processing method.

Harvesting of Hoodia Gordonii for UniqueHoodia also takes the center stage because they don’t use irradiation like most of other Hoodia manufacturer did; instead they harvest their Hoodia using steam. Steam is a less abrasive processing method that helps to keep the maximum potency of the plant intact.

Smallest pill making UniqueHoodia easier to swallow.

While UniqueHoodia contains only 495 mg of Hoodia per capsule, the company has revealed to me their reasons for this unconventional dosage size. They said that they wanted to get the most Hoodia into the tiny pill that is used for the standard 400 mg supplement so that it would be easier for the dieters to swallow.

The whole manufacturing process had to be redesigned to achieve this feat, so as a result you get a higher Hoodia content, a more potent and more effective pill in a small and conveniently sized capsule.

UniqueHoodia is packed in blister packs to ensure freshness and convenience for consumers.

UniqueHoodia Blister PackThe traditional bottle packaging can be bulky, and with UniqueHoodia, you get a light box filled with blister packs.

The advantages of this are that the pills stay fresh longer, and you can easily take the blister packs wherever you go.

Your pill requirements for the day can easily fit into your purse and pocket.

Unique Hoodia has the longest 6-month money back guarantee!

In comparison to other diet pills, UniqueHoodia offers a 6-month money back guarantee, as opposed to the 30 days offered by other companies. Most companies allow only 30 days for the consumer to return the unopened portion, while UniqueHoodia gives consumers a full six months.  The company places all their confidence in the product so that if the client is not satisfied of the effects of the supplement after four months, he/she can apply or ask for a full refund!

UniqueHoodia is available WORLDWIDE.

Most of other Hoodia products are limited to US only. On the contrary, Unique Hoodia ships their product worldwide. This is a very good news to residents of the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia that have been dying to get Hoodia that mostly only US residents are enjoying!

Now the bad news…

They have a very limited stock. They have removed their 12 month package due to the high demand and an amazing 92% of their customers re-ordering, leaving a maximum of 6 boxes per customer, per order.

Their capsules are made from gelatin. This may not be such a big deal if you’re allergic to animal based though, as you can always open the capsules and dissolve the contents in water. Or you can try this other Certified Organic, Certified Vegetarian, clinically proven fat binding product Proactol, that prevents up to 28% of fat from the food you eat from being absorbed into your body, and kills your appetite at the same time.

100% Pure. Extra Strength. Maximum Potency. Unique Hoodia

UniqueHoodia definitely has ALL of the criteria listed on the Hoodia Buying Guide, plus some other unique criterias that no other Hoodia products have! I highly recommend this product.

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