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The Myth Of Cheap Hoodia

Posted by borzack On August - 27 - 2010

The going rate for an ounce of Hoodia Gordonii is $39.55, in US Dollars, according to hoodiagordonii.com.za.  So how do some companies claim to be able to sell Hoodia cheap? It is believed that either whatever they are selling is not really Hoodia, or that they are diluting it with much cheaper fillers.

There are certainly advertisements offering cheap Hoodia everywhere you look.  Sellers on eBay love the “cheap Hoodia” tag line.  This is not to say that there is necessarily something wrong with products that are sold over eBay.  It may be that the seller purchased a very large quantity of the product to resell and got a good volume price, enabling them to undercut regular retail and still pocket a small profit.  The Hoodia sold in the stores cannot be called inexpensive.  Even the mixtures of Hoodia and other herbs sold by stores like Walgreens cost a lot.  On the surface, they do cost less than well-known products like Hoodia Prime, UniqueHoodia and Desert Burn, but check the ingredients on the label.  A lot of store-bought Hoodia is labeled as “green tea with Hoodia” or something similar.  Green tea certainly is cheap; cheap Hoodia doesn’t really exist.  Another gimmick used is to call a bottle a thirty-day supply, but when you really read the label, you’ll see that it won’t really last you that long.  So the cost per day is more than you thought.

Hoodiagordonii.com.za has done the research and discovered that upwards of  75% of Hoodia products are not actually Hoodia gordonii.  This website does not sell Hoodia, but is run by a nonprofit organization in South Africa that helps monitor Hoodia gordonii products being sold throughout the world.  They purchase the products and send them to an independent lab to be tested.  This authenticacy testing is expensive and, since they are a not-for-profit group, they have not tested every product out there yet.  But a few products in their “Hall of Shame” are now candidates for a class action lawsuit due to their false claims.

Even the non-genuine Hoodia is not that cheap.  The companies selling it know what their customers will pay for a product that promises to solve their weight problem.  The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, investigates possible false claims made by businesses.  If you bought Hoodia that was ineffective and were unable to get your money back, you may visit the FTC’s website to complain.  But you can protect yourself from fake Hoodia ads by not believing everything you hear.  According to the FTC, too-good-to-be-true claims, for instance that a product will drop the pounds without any sort of dieting or exercise on your part, should send up warning flags.

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