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Posted by borzack On October - 30 - 2010

Taking Hoodia SafelyHoodia must be very safe for human consumption when you consider that the South African government regards it not as a drug or an herb, but as food.

And the South African government would know, since people in areas of Africa stricken with famine eat the plant to fend off their hunger.  However, research has shown that children who eat nothing but Hoodia for three months straight often die.

Of course, no one knows what would happen if people exclusively ate other foods, for instance if someone ate only bananas or baloney for three months.

Probably the worst danger Hoodia poses to your health is the potential to lose too much weight too soon.  For someone to lose five pounds in only one week on the supplement is not unusual.  But this kind of quick weight loss is hard on your heart and on the rest of your body as well.

It is better to take only enough Hoodia so that you are losing 2-3 pounds in a week, and then you won’t develop any health issues.  Furthermore, if you are losing more weight than this every week, the resulting weight loss is unlikely to be permanent.

If you are on a calorie restricted diet for too long, you hit a plateau and find you cannot lose any more weight.  The same thing can happen if you take too much Hoodia.  What happens in these cases is that your body goes into conservation mode and stops burning fat.  This is because your body believes there must be a shortage of food that’s apparently going to last awhile.  Taking Hoodia can cut your caloric intake by 1000 per day, so it’s easy to see why your body would respond this way.

Another problem is that Hoodia takes away your desire to drink fluids as well, and you never feel thirsty.  Your body won’t tell you when you need to drink water.  Drinking the recommended eight daily glasses of water is something people find difficult enough, but Hoodia makes it even harder.  But the reduction in calorie intake you get while on Hoodia can trigger a detoxification process in your body, so it is extremely important that you drink as much water as you can, to flush out all the waste and toxins.

There are questions as to whether taking Hoodia should be recommended to those who are diabetic or have pre-diabetes.  Hoodia does indicate to the brain that there is ten times as much glucose in the blood as there actually is, so therefore you need no food, but it is unclear how this might affect the pancreas.  It is not known whether Hoodia can spike blood glucose in diabetics.  Hoodia is a newer supplement, and the larger pharmaceutical firms have not entered the Hoodia business.  So very little research has been done on the long-term effects Hoodia has by always playing this trick on your brain.  For Hoodia or any other herbal supplement, use carefully and in moderation.  Stop taking Hoodia if you notice any kind of side effect.

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