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Posted by borzack On March - 15 - 2009

Many Hoodia supplements are not true to their claims.

Most of these supplements might even contain fillers like sawdust. Hoodia Gordonii is rare and cannot be acquired easily so you can expect to pay around $60 for a month’s supply of authentic, genuine, 100% pure Hoodia.

Since the Hoodia frenzy has gone over the top and the supply of Hoodia is not that abundant, many companies have resorted to deceptive tricks to inflate their profits. Many Hoodia pills contain very little or even no Hoodia at all.

Other companies claim to have authentic Hoodia Gordonii in their supplements but actually use other varieties of Hoodia or stuff their supplements with fillers. These fake supplements are more common now that meets the eye.

There is no regulation for supplements, so all the responsibility of validating the authenticity of a supplement is given to the consumer. This can be very difficult, but recently expensive laboratory tests became available, and these are now used to check on the purity and authenticity of Hoodia supplements.

Authenticity lab tests are used to validate the purity of Hoodia content.

Hoodia Content Lab TestConsumer advocacy groups like Truth Publishing recently found that 11 out of 17 popular Hoodia supplement brands failed the authenticity lab tests. This test resulted in pointing out only a few brands that contained 100% pure Hoodia content. The testing company was Alkemist Pharmaceuticals of Costa Mesa, California. This company has been constantly updating Truth Publishing of their findings and the latest was that only 40% of the products were proven to be authentic.

Samples of the products are sent to the testing company on a voluntary basis, so there is still a possibility that companies that intentionally sell counterfeit Hoodia do not submit their products for testing.

The three testing methods used by the lab are:

  • Microscopy
  • High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

These three tests are used to validate the purity of Hoodia content in the samples submitted; sometimes digital photo documentation is also used.

Failing these tests can mean many things and one of those is that the brokers who supply Hoodia to the manufacturers dupe these companies to increase their profit margin. So, the companies who buy adulterated Hoodia from brokers are most likely to have supplements that contain less of Hoodia contents than they would have expected it to contain as per the specifications of their brokers who supply them with low quality Hoodia.

Only Hoodia Gordonii has appetite suppressing effects, all other species of the plant do not have this quality, so brokers would sometimes try to sell these varieties and pass them off as pure Hoodia Gordonii, or in some cases they would mix their supply with worthless portions of the plant like roots and leaves, and even sawdust!

Only genuine, authentic, 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii can suppress your appetite, so be wary, you just might be taking a sawdust or a leaf pill.

Aside from just the testing results, also try to make sure that the manufacturer you are buying from has the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) certificate which indicates that these manufacturers are authorized to import Hoodia from the South African Government.

There are very few manufacturers who have been issued a CITES certificate – you can be sure that with these manufacturers are getting genuine, authentic, 100% pure Hoodia.

Be careful of companies that show counterfeit CITES on their websites; there are also many companies that claim to be selling authentic Hoodia, but do not have CITES certificates.

Make sure that you are getting the real thing by being conscious of these published lab testing results as well as the CITES certificate. Click here to see the certificates of a genuine, authentic, 100% unadulterated pure Hoodia product.

Don’t waste precious cash on worthless Hoodia supplements, try to know where to buy genuine, authentic, 100% pure Hoodia and avoid deception.

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