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Posted by borzack On May - 4 - 2010

For the way that it can reduce appetite and eliminate all cravings for food, while simultaneously improving stamina and even lending a sense of well-being, Hoodia gordonii is one intriguing plant.  It doesn’t work by revving up all your body’s functions, as other diet pills containing caffeine, ephedra and Dexedrine do.  You don’t get a buzzed up feeling, anxiety, mood swings, or a “crash” when it wears off.  You just lose the urge to eat, and without feeling so deprived that you then need to make up for it by eating more later.

You would think something that worked so well would have some sort of terrible side effect.  But the only one known is that it can work so well that you lose too much weight at once.  There are people who have lost ten pounds a week with Hoodia.  But if you know anything about the yo-yo effects of crash dieting, you know that this bodes badly for keeping the pounds off once you stop taking the supplement.  It is essential that you keep track of your weight loss while you are on Hoodia, and make sure it is not more than two or three pounds per week.  For healthy weight loss that actually lasts, doctors say that two pounds a week is the right amount.

What’s going on at the biochemical level is that Hoodia in the bloodstream mimics glucose.  Glucose is what cells use to generate energy.  A particular molecule in Hoodia is 10,000 times more active than glucose, leading your brain to believe that you actually have too much glucose in your blood.  Your brain cells respond by telling your body that you don’t need to eat anything else.  So when you take Hoodia, you lose your appetite, especially for anything containing a lot of glucose, that is, sugar.  If you are hooked on sugary soft drinks, Hoodia can be your solution, since it will cause you to want to avoid them.

You also may feel like you don’t want to drink anything, not even water.  But you should be certain to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.  You need to stay hydrated and to remove toxins from your body as well.  Since being on Hoodia is like fasting, your body will be needing to get rid of a lot of toxins, and it is critical to drink plenty of water while this is going on.

Hoodia does not have the same stimulant effect on your body as other weight loss drugs that were effective but are now banned, like ephedra and Phen Phen.  And yet your endurance increases anyway.  Just a small amount of Hoodia will tell your brain’s hypothalamus that you’re full, due to a chemical it contains called P57.

But if you have had a disease related to your hypothalamus, for instance, cancer, Hoodia may be the wrong weight loss choice for you.  Always consult your doctor before taking Hoodia, even though there are no known side effects aside from weight loss that is too excessive.  And as with any supplement, especially one that is so new on the market, be moderate in your use of Hoodia.

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