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The Safety Of Hoodia And Its Side Effects

There are no bad side effects from Hoodia diet supplements to date. While most diet supplements are stimulants, Hoodia is not, and so, this means that it would not have the risks associated with stimulant use like organ damage and even death. This has a catch though, since it is not a stimulant, it cannot burn fat or increase metabolism.

South African bushmen have used Hoodia Gordonii for centuries and developed neither health conditions associated to its use, nor side effects. To note however, is the fact that these Bushmen consumed the actual Hoodia plant and not the supplements. The Bushmen also did not use the plant on a daily basis as part of their diet.

Be aware that since Hoodia supplements are new, scientists are still trying to figure out whether continued use of Hoodia can have potential side effects.

At the moment, Hoodia is apparently safe, but there is no telling how it will fare in the future, like in the case of Ephedra which was initially considered safe, and was later banned with the discovery of health risks associated with its use. Again, consider that Hoodia is not a stimulant like Ephedra and the health risks associate with Hoodia do not in anyway echo those of Ephedra.

The Side Effects Of Fake Hoodia Supplements

There is a huge amount of fake and impure Hoodia supplements out in the market which contain very little or no Hoodia extract at all. These fake or impure supplements usually contain other ingredients and additives which can prove to be very harmful.

Side effects are caused by the additives and fillers in these supplements and not by the Hoodia itself because Hoodia has literally zero bad side effects. To prevent any health risks, make sure that you take only supplements that contain 100% pure Hoodia extract, as reviewed on the Top Rated Hoodia page of this blog.

The Effects Of Hoodia On Your Liver

In a study conducted by Phytopharm and headed by Dr. David MacLean about P57, the active chemical in Hoodia, the chemical was injected into the brains of rats. The results showed that the liver was able to break down P57 quite easily.

The concern came when suppositions were made that the liver was the organ that broke down P57; this, because overweight or obese people usually have liver abnormalities, and so, Hoodia might put the subject’s livers under additional stress with the consumption of Hoodia.

Logically, people who take Hoodia should do so under doctor’s supervision.

These are only mere suppositions because no study has been conducted yet concerning the effects of Hoodia on the liver although there are no existing reports of individuals who developed liver problems after taking Hoodia supplements. People with healthy livers can take Hoodia and not worry about anything, but if you are obese and have liver problems, it is best to consult your physician first.

The Role Of Hoodia In Diabetes

The appetite suppression effect of Hoodia can control food consumption and cravings and thus prevent diabetes from progressing.

To consider, however, is the effect of P57 on the fluctuations of blood glucose levels because this chemical mimics the effects of glucose; because of this, diabetics should seek professional advice before taking Hoodia diet supplements.

Can Pregnant Or Nursing Women Take Hoodia?

Hoodia diet pills should not be used by pregnant women because Hoodia causes appetite suppression and a considerable drop in calorie intake. This reduction in nutrition can affect the unborn child or the infant who derives its nutrients from the mother’s milk.

Reduction of the urge to eat for pregnant and nursing women can deprive the child of its needed calories and nutrients. Another speculation is that the appetite suppressing effects can be passed on to the child – although there is no proof yet regarding the validity of this speculation – but taking the risk is not worth it. A baby’s appetite should not be suppressed otherwise development may be affected. Hoodia supplements should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

In General, Is Hoodia Safe?

Hoodia is safe in general because there are no known bad side effects when using pure Hoodia Gordonii. Blood pressure and heart rate will not be affected by Hoodia because it is not a stimulant. People with medical conditions should take Hoodia with professional medical supervision so that their conditions may be closely monitored, and Hoodia does not react or interfere with other drugs that you may be taking. Over and above all, just make sure that your supplement contains 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. as listed on the Top Rated Pure Hoodia page.

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