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Hoodia Gum – Does The Brand Matter?

Posted by borzack On June - 14 - 2009

Hoodia GumI recently had a post regarding a company that has introduced a new product into the market – Hoodia gum.  Honestly, I don’t think that a stick of gum can actually have the amount of Hoodia required to have any effect on your appetite.

As if this is not enough – later another company announced their own version of the gum.  The press release explained that the company was the pioneer in introducing a gum to the market in 2006, even indicating the concern of the company’s CEO that consumers might purchase the wrong gum.  This was to imply that their company is the only one that makes authentic Hoodia gum.

Which of these gums contain authentic Hoodia then?  Personally, I think none of them because from what I know, when making gum, heat is required and heat can destroy Hoodia Gordonii.

There is however, a company that invented a process to introduce Hoodia after the gum has been processed.  This means that no heat will be involved when Hoodia is added.  This process has been patented by the said company.

The CEO of the company, mentioned in the press release that to make the gum, a specific process has to be followed, otherwise the result would be an inferior gum that does not contain any Hoodia at all.  The press release also states that the CEO is concerned that other companies who might be manufacturing substandard gums might destroy the reputation of companies who produce quality Hoodia gum.

I don’t believe that these gums will work, anyway, so the manufacturing process has nothing to do with it.

Perhaps, the only effect that a Hoodia gum can give its users is a placebo effect – mind over matter.  The gum could work by convincing the user’s mind that it does work, however, in the long run, these products will most likely fail.

If you really want to experience the effects of Hoodia, opt for the more traditional methods of administration as in the pill form, like the ones offered by Hoodia Prime, UniqueHoodia and Desert Burn.

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