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Medical Evidence of the Effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii

There is a very minimal body of medical work concerning the effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii; one study was conducted by the British Pharmaceutical company, Phytopharm, the patent holder of Hoodia’s active chemical P57; another study is ongoing and is conducted by Dr. Varallo.  Other than these two medical tests, the body of knowledge about Hoodia is mostly anecdotal.

Details of the Research Conducted by Phytopharm

The Subjects

18 morbidly obese volunteers

The Methodology

This study was a double blind study where half of the volunteers took Hoodia Gordonii extract, and half took only a placebo, without either group knowing which they were getting.  Other than the administration of the extract and the placebo, the volunteers were told to carry on with what they usually did like eating, reading books, watching television, and sleeping.

The Results

Those who were taking the Hoodia Gordonii extract ate lesser calories per day, about 1,000 calories less.  This was on account of no change in lifestyle and the absence of exercise.  The volunteers were not even given orientation sessions to make them aware of the effects of Hoodia.  The volunteers were experiencing natural appetite suppression due to the Hoodia that they were taking.  Other than taking the Hoodia, they did not do anything else.

The Conclusions

There would be a loss of a considerable two pounds per week at the rate that the calorie intake was reduced, and this was achieved without feeling any hunger, or changing the lifestyle of the subjects.

There was criticism centered on this particular study because of the minimal number of the respondents, more so, this study did not undergo peer review and hence its scientific credibility could not be established.

Aside from the Phytopharm study, a non-scientific study was also conducted by Consumer Reports.  This particular study focused on the proof of the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia as a weight loss remedy.  The conclusion – there is no proof concerning the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia.  In particular, the study also focused on the supplement industry which is unregulated and hence, did not give consumers the guarantee that what they were buying really contained authentic Hoodia Gordonii.

Details of the Research Conducted by Dr. Varallo


Dr Joseph Varallo Study Hoodia EffectivenessDr. Joseph Varallo has had more than three decades of experience as a board certified OB/GYN and he learned about Hoodia in a supplement known as Desert Burn which his wife tried.

Six months after taking the supplement, his wife shed 40 lbs.

Impressed, the doctor ventured into a study which had been running for almost three years now; this involved monitoring more than 500 men and women between 18 and 70 years old taking Hoodia.

The effects of Hoodia based on Dr. Varallo’s study

  • No negative effects were observed, but patients taking insulin should consult a doctor before taking Hoodia or any supplements containing this extract.
  • With a healthy diet and exercise, Desert Burn Hoodia supplement can:
    • Prevent hypertension
    • Reduce blood sugar levels and hence reduce risks of developing diabetes
    • Decrease bad cholesterol levels and thus prevent heart disease
    • Remedy menstrual abnormalities
    • Improve sexual drive in women

Dr. Varallo however, added that, for those seeking weight-loss, Hoodia should not be the sole remedy; its being a natural appetite suppressant can aid weight loss but only if coupled with modifications in behavior, diet and exercise habits.

The following are clinical impressions of Dr. Varallo after observing 500 women and men who were taking Desert Burn Hoodia supplement and making improvements in their diet and exercise habits:

  1. There was a gradual loss of two pounds per week on average; with a maximum weight loss achieved of 50 lbs.  Average waistlines for women were under 35 inches, and men, less than 40 inches.
  2. There was an 85% satisfaction turn out for the Hoodia weight loss program.  The remaining 15% did not continue the program because they either did not respond to the treatment for a certain period of time, or the supplement was too expensive for them.
  3. There was a drop in total cholesterol levels totaling to 20% without the use of statins, as well as an increase in the level of good cholesterol.  To reduce excessive fats and fatty substances in the blood, patients were made to follow a diet plan that include fish oil and no trans fats in conjunction with Desert Burn Hoodia administration and a good helping of exercise.
  4. Other than the dramatic weight loss response, patients who had adult onset diabetes and were taking oral hypoglycemic agents had improved blood sugar levels.  The dramatic weight loss was assumedly due to the synergistic response between Desert Burn Hoodia and metformin, an anti-diabetic drug.
  5. A gradual but very optimistic response to the Hoodia weight loss program was observed even in hypertensive patients.
  6. Energy levels and a general feeling of well-being increased in 60% of the subjects; this is due largely to the fact that P57, Hoodia’s active ingredient, increases ATP levels in hypothalamic neurons of the mid brain by 50% to 150%.  This chemical response results to a signal for energy sensing and consequently, an anorexic response.
  7. Women observed a 20% increase in sexual drive, and when progesterone cream was used, the increase went up to 30%.
  8. Those with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) noticed improvements in their menstrual abnormalities.  Estrogen dominant patients with excess body fat also appeared to respond optimistically to Hoodia.  Many Desert Burn Hoodia users who used this along with genestein (soy isoflavone), and natural progesterone cream showed marked enhancement in weight loss.
  9. Liquid Hoodia or Desert Juice has a higher rate of absorption and hence, its effects are faster.  The effects of a 750 mg Hoodia capsule can be achieved with only 500 mg of liquid Hoodia.  The dosage though, has to be customized according to patient response.
  10. A weight loss program will have an enhanced effect when using Desert Burn Hoodia supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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