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Posted by borzack On March - 7 - 2009

Hoodia Buying Guide - Avoid Fake Hoodia ScamEveryone who wants to go into weight loss has heard about Hoodia Gordonii, but most of these consumers don’t know what it is and how it works. The plant is a rare plant and is in high demand and companies tend to dupe consumers who want to purchase pure Hoodia diet supplements. Consumers think that all Hoodia supplements contain the same thing; what they don’t know is that there are fake Hoodia supplements out in the market and they have to be careful with these.

Consumer education is necessary so that consumers don’t get scammed when buying Hoodia. Here is your Hoodia Buying Guides, information on ways of knowing which Hoodia supplements are fake and which are authentic.

Random Lab Testing

Companies that have their products tested randomly by independent labs tend to be reputable companies because these tests cannot be disputed. Random lab testing will show you only two things – which supplements contain Hoodia and which do not. Most reputable Hoodia distributors took Alkemists Pharmaceuticals for testing as this company has thorough testing procedures and high testing standards. The strong reputation of this company will make Hoodia supplement producers proud to claim that they have been tested by this company.

Click here to view lab test certificate of analysis for UniqueHoodia

100% Hoodia Gordonii

Some companies add fillers and additives to their product aside from the actual Hoodia Gordonii. This means that their product may contain Hoodia but in very small  amounts.

The problem here is that there is no way of telling which product contains less fillers and more Hoodia.

Independent lab tests are the best way to verify the purity of the Hoodia in these products.

400 mg Hoodia Content in Each Capsule

The effective dose for Hoodia is from 3,000 to 4,500 milligrams, any less and the effects will also be reduced. Taking a capsule that contains more Hoodia will make it easier for the consumer because then, lesser capsules will have to be taken to achieve the desired dosage. Reputable companies usually offer capsules that contain more than 400 mg of Hoodia, look for these capsules so that you won’t have to take as many capsules throughout the day.

Hoodia products listed on the Top Rated Pure Hoodia page have more than 400 mg per capsule.

Check The Label For Other Ingredients

Many unnecessary ingredients like caffeine and other stimulants are usually added by some companies, you don’t need these additives for simple appetite suppression. If you see that there are no other added ingredients aside from the gelatin to make the capsule and magnesium stearate and stearic acid, then you probably have the right product.

Here is a sample of a Hoodia product label that clearly shows the other ingredients. Avoid these!

Hoodia Other Ingredients Label

Here is the sample of UniqueHoodia label showing that there are no other unnecessary ingredients other than 465 mg of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii.

UnnoqueHoodia Label

Make Sure They Have The Sources Right

If the Hoodia in the supplement you are buying comes from some country other than South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and some parts of the USA, then your product is most likely fake.

If you can refer to the picture above, it’s clearly states that UniqueHoodia’s Hoodia Gordonii are from South Africa.

Be Familiar With Hoodia Varieties

Although Hoodia is classified as a succulent, it looks like a cactus plant, of which there are 13 varieties, and only Hoodia Gordonii has the appetite suppressing qualities. Chances are that labels that don’t specifically indicate Hoodia Gordonii as its main content contain other species of Hoodia and will have absolutely no effect.

High Potency Level

In the Hoodia business, potency means quality, the more potent a supplement is, the more pronounced its effects would be. The potency of Hoodia supplements is indicated by the amount of P57 in the supplement, this can only be measured through lab testing. Check out lab test results from the websites of the companies you are buying from. These should show tests called High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This would reveal the amounts of active P57 in the supplement.

Click here to view lab test certificate of analysis for UniqueHoodia

Too Good To Be True Is Not True

Hoodia Gordonii is very difficult to obtain, demands could not be met, hence, the high price tag on these supplements. If your supplement contains authentic Hoodia, then a month’s supply will set you back for from $40 to $60. Super cheap products most likely contain little or no Hoodia. Unless there is a sale or a promo offer, you should be wary of buying very cheap Hoodia supplements.

Check Out The CITES Certificate

If the company has a valid CITE certificate, this means that they are authorized to import Hoodia from South Africa, if they don’t have such a certificate, then, there is no doubt, they are selling fake supplements.

Click here to view the CITES certificate for UniqueHoodia

These tips will help you get the real Hoodia deal.

If you are ready to buy a supplement and you don’t want to go through all the research involved in ensuring you get the real thing, be sure to check out the Top Rated Pure Hoodia page of this blog.

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