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Posted by borzack On March - 8 - 2009

Are Free Hoodia Trials Reliable?

Free Hoodia TrialsThe internet is filled with free trials of Hoodia, but it is best to avoid these trials or you might be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

I strongly suggest that everyone should avoid the Hoodia free trials scheme. There are no legitimate Hoodia free samples out there, that I can assure you. Please read my Hoodia Buying Guide article before you do anything that you’ll regret later.

Here’s some explanation why Hoodia free trials should be avoided.

Free May Not Always Be Free

Once you accept a Hoodia trial, your credit card will be enrolled in an auto ship programs, so you will have a charge of from $30 to $80 per month as the company ships you your ‘free’ monthly supply. There is usually a 15 days cancellation period for the trial, so once you enroll for the Hoodia free trial, you will be sent one or two bottles of the product. For these two initial bottles, you will only have to pay for a small handling and shipping fee, but if you fail to cancel the trial after fifteen days you get automatically enrolled to their auto ship program. This means that you will receive Hoodia supplements every month and you will get the charges on your credit card. Read the fine print; these terms and conditions are usually, always there, but consumers disregard these guidelines.

Cancellation Can Be Very Difficult

With the fifteen days cancel period you would probably consider just taking the trial and just cancel after fifteen days to avoid the billing, however, it is not that easy to cancel. Most of these companies required that you cancel by phone because email and fax cancellations are not allowed.

The number given to you for the cancellation will also usually, almost always, be busy, and you could barely speak to a live operator with these methods, so while you are trying to cancel your Hoodia free trial, you continue to get billed every month. Make sure that you talk to a live person via the phone first before you accept any Hoodia free trial, and if you do speak to a human being, ask to be oriented of their cancellation policies.

These Hoodia Free Trials Are Not Even Authentic

Considering the price of authentic Hoodia Gordonii these trial products would most usually contain very little or even no Hoodia at all. If you read my Hoodia Buying Guide, you’ll realize that these Hoodia free trials don’t have the criterias.

Look for independent lab tests or a CITES certificate when considering any Hoodia free trial order. Over and above the CITES certificate, you should opt to find independent lab tests which are more reliable and are posted on the site if the company has them. Without these lab tests, you have no way of knowing if the product you would like to try is the real thing. Unfortunately, most of the sites that offer free trials do not have these lab results.

The next time you stumbled upon these Hoodia free trials, do yourself a favor, ignore it, because there are no such thing as free Hoodia!

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