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There is a small body of work done to validate the effectiveness of Hoodia, however many dieters have testified to the effects of this diet supplement. These testimonies, however important to the research concerning Hoodia, can be more fortified by testimonies from clinical experts who have done studies regarding Hoodia supplement.

In my research regarding Hoodia, I came across and article from Turks.us Daily News regarding a doctor from the Bucks County Clinical Research Center who has done a certain degree of testing of Hoodia diet pills.
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Dr Varallo’s Weight Loss Plan

Posted by borzack On March - 8 - 2009

Hoodia Weight Loss Plan

Dr Joseph Varallo Desert Hoodia Weight LossThis weight loss plan was created by Dr. Joseph Varallo who has had more than three decades of experience as a board certified OB/GYN and he learned about Hoodia in a supplement known as Desert Burn which his wife tried.

Six months after taking the supplement, his wife shed 40 lbs.

Impressed, Dr. Varallo ventured into a study which had been running for almost three years now; this involved monitoring more than 500 men and women between 18 and 70 years old taking Hoodia.
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