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Taking Hoodia Safely

Posted by borzack On October - 30 - 2010

Taking Hoodia SafelyHoodia must be very safe for human consumption when you consider that the South African government regards it not as a drug or an herb, but as food.

And the South African government would know, since people in areas of Africa stricken with famine eat the plant to fend off their hunger.  However, research has shown that children who eat nothing but Hoodia for three months straight often die.

Of course, no one knows what would happen if people exclusively ate other foods, for instance if someone ate only bananas or baloney for three months.

Probably the worst danger Hoodia poses to your health is the potential to lose too much weight too soon.  For someone to lose five pounds in only one week on the supplement is not unusual.  But this kind of quick weight loss is hard on your heart and on the rest of your body as well.

It is better to take only enough Hoodia so that you are losing 2-3 pounds in a week, and then you won’t develop any health issues.  Furthermore, if you are losing more weight than this every week, the resulting weight loss is unlikely to be permanent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are You Getting Real 100% Genuine And Pure Hoodia Gordonii?

Posted by borzack On August - 28 - 2010

Authentic Pure Hoodia GordoniiGoogle Hoodia Gordonii and the search results will give you thousands of search results.  Hoodia Gordonii is the next best thing in dieting, and a lot of Hoodia companies have cropped up selling their Hoodia products.  But how do you know they are selling the real deal?

Most of these companies back up their product by having the most common accreditation for Hoodia Gordonii, a CITES certificate (as mentioned in my Hoodia Buying Guide).  This certificate confirms that their Hoodia Gordonii came from South Africa, where the plant originates.  In addition, the certificate also shows that the product has undergone laboratory testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals.

But with the wonders of information technology, anybody can fake anything nowadays.  Most Hoodia companies are simply trying to make a profit from the latest dieting fad by making false claims about their Hoodia products on their websites.  It is not too hard to display a “borrowed” CITES certificate on their website to support their claims of lab testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and that their Hoodia Gordonii is genuine.
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The Myth Of Cheap Hoodia

Posted by borzack On August - 27 - 2010

The going rate for an ounce of Hoodia Gordonii is $39.55, in US Dollars, according to hoodiagordonii.com.za.  So how do some companies claim to be able to sell Hoodia cheap? It is believed that either whatever they are selling is not really Hoodia, or that they are diluting it with much cheaper fillers.
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Physical Effects Of Hoodia On The Body

Posted by borzack On May - 4 - 2010

For the way that it can reduce appetite and eliminate all cravings for food, while simultaneously improving stamina and even lending a sense of well-being, Hoodia gordonii is one intriguing plant.  It doesn’t work by revving up all your body’s functions, as other diet pills containing caffeine, ephedra and Dexedrine do.  You don’t get a buzzed up feeling, anxiety, mood swings, or a “crash” when it wears off.  You just lose the urge to eat, and without feeling so deprived that you then need to make up for it by eating more later.
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Difficulties Of Growing Hoodia

Posted by borzack On April - 27 - 2010

Suppose you’ve heard that Hoodia is a great appetite suppressant, and you don’t really want to pay $60 a bottle for a Hoodia supplement, so you’re thinking maybe you should try growing some Hoodia yourself.  Here are all the reasons this is not a practical idea.
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