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Posted by borzack On January - 11 - 2010

Hoodia Gordonii, the main ingredient in most appetite suppressant products, is native to South Africa, and therefore, hard to export.  Most manufacturers need to go through a middle man when getting their Hoodia Gordonii supply and this adds a significant amount of time between harvest of the plant and manufacture of the product in capsule form.

When you purchase your appetite suppressant product, most manufacturers will also provide you with a CITES certificate which states how long the Hoodia Gordonii has been in storage before it was processed.  Most of these certificates may date back as far six months.  And this should make you wonder whether or not your Hoodia product is still as reliable and effective as the manufacturers claim.  If your Hoodia Gordonii has been in storage for months, will it have the same effectiveness as freshly harvested Hoodia Gordonii?

There are a few companies, however, who can provide the freshest Hoodia Gordonii, more specifically, just one month after harvest.  These companies even provide proofs of freshness and 100% purity of their product.  I am talking about the manufacturers of Hoodia Prime and UniqueHoodia.

They manage to cut the time down to one month between harvest of Hoodia Gordonii to capsule time by ordering very large amounts directly from a South African exporter, with no need for a middle man to lengthen the purchasing process.

It is very easy to make this claim, but when you purchase Hoodia Prime and UniqueHoodia, you can verify the product’s freshness and purity with an array of certificates that back up the claim.

They take providing the best quality Hoodia product very seriously.  They put their product through several tests to make sure that their high-quality standards are always met.  They provide the usual CITES certificate to show that their Hoodia Gordonii is from South Africa.  In addition, an Organics Annex Certificate for UniqueHoodia shows that they didn’t use middle men in the purchasing process of Hoodia Gordonii, which could have lengthened storage time.  A Certificate of Analysis shows that their supplement underwent the HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) test which confirms that real Hoodia Gordonii was used.

Lastly, laboratory testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and CNL were also done on UniqueHoodia to confirm that the supplement contains only 100% Hoodia Gordonii.

It is true that there are other appetite suppressant products which contain 100% Hoodia Gordonii, but these supplements may have been in storage for months, or even a year, before they reach you.

With Hoodia Prime and UniqueHoodia, you are not only assured of the freshest product available in the market, you are also sure that the supplement is 100% effective in giving you the natural health benefits you are paying for.

Hoodia Prime and UniqueHoodia has 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii.  You can expect a reduction of your calorie intake by as much as 2,000 calories per day.  And it has been proven that Hoodia Gordonii is 10,000 times stronger at suppressing your appetite compared to glucose.

So make sure you are getting the freshest Hoodia Gordonii; compare both products on my Hoodia Comparison Table and order your 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii today!

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