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Posted by borzack On August - 28 - 2010

Authentic Pure Hoodia GordoniiGoogle Hoodia Gordonii and the search results will give you thousands of search results.  Hoodia Gordonii is the next best thing in dieting, and a lot of Hoodia companies have cropped up selling their Hoodia products.  But how do you know they are selling the real deal?

Most of these companies back up their product by having the most common accreditation for Hoodia Gordonii, a CITES certificate (as mentioned in my Hoodia Buying Guide).  This certificate confirms that their Hoodia Gordonii came from South Africa, where the plant originates.  In addition, the certificate also shows that the product has undergone laboratory testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals.

But with the wonders of information technology, anybody can fake anything nowadays.  Most Hoodia companies are simply trying to make a profit from the latest dieting fad by making false claims about their Hoodia products on their websites.  It is not too hard to display a “borrowed” CITES certificate on their website to support their claims of lab testing by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and that their Hoodia Gordonii is genuine.

They “borrow” documentation and simply black out relevant information that would give them away.  If you browse on some of the websites that you got from your googling, you will even notice that some of the CITES certificates have text that is unreadable.

Simply put, these companies are only out to scam you.  But now that you know what to look out for, you can discriminate between the false and the genuine Hoodia Gordonii.

Let me tell you more on how you can further ensure that you are getting the real deal.  Some companies can provide additional backing and proof that their Hoodia Gordonii is nothing but the cactus plant harvested from South Africa.  Aside from the usual CITES certificate, they went out of their way have their product undergo additional testing and certification.

One such product that I personally swear by is UniqueHoodia.  When you check out the company’s website, you will find the usual documentation for the product and more proof to confirm the company’s reliability.

In addition to the CITES certificate, you will also find an Organics Annex Certificate.  This certificate proves that the company did not hire any middle men during the purchase of Hoodia Gordonii, who could have tampered with the product or interfered with the exportation procedure.

Then there is the Certificate of Analysis.  This certificate proves that the exported Hoodia Gordonii is 100% pure and that the product was tested using HPLC, or High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Lastly, aside from being tested by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, UniqueHoodia is also tested by another reputable laboratory, CNL.

If you are looking to purchase an appetite suppressant, get the real, and the best, deal.  Don’t forget, you want to make sure that what you put in your body is safe and healthy.  So buy UniqueHoodia.

UniqueHoodia gives you the following benefits:

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