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America and Hoodia – The French Paradox?

Posted by borzack On June - 24 - 2009

America And Hoodia - Frech ParadoxAmericans are sick and tired of diets, and have found they don’t really work.  Just the word “diet” will send people running.  One might define the term “diet” as the condition of eating much lettuce and constantly being hungry.  Well, while we’re busy tallying up every carb, fat gram, and calorie, skinny Europeans are eating cream sauces, buttery bread, and decadent desserts.  This phenomenon has been dubbed the “French Paradox.”

How can European live on this amazing food, while Americans can’t stay slim without eating rabbit food all the time?  Is it genetic?

No.  It’s about how much we eat compared with them.  Americans go nuts and super size everything.  Europeans eat those little portions dieticians recommend, so they can eat whatever they want.  They aren’t only going around eating smaller portions, the actual bottles of soda pop sold in England and France are half the size of our bottles of soda pop.  The muffin you buy in America is going to be two-and-a-half times larger than the muffin you would buy in France.  That’s an extra 600-725 calories in your breakfast.  For some people, that muffin is just a snack.  An American woman consumes nearly 1500 more calories in a day than a French woman does.  As for the quality of our calories, 40% of them come from sugar and fat, so no need to figure out why we’re overweight and unhealthy.  But the reality is, we’re so accustomed to eating so much food, we feel famished and deprived when we try to cut down to a normal amount.

Hoodia can help you start eating less without feeling hungry.

It’s a natural product containing no stimulants that also has no known side effects.  It’s got a track record of use going back thousands of years among South Africa’s San tribe.  A chemical in Hoodia called P57 is a lot like glucose, except it’s 10,000 times more powerful.  This amazing molecule makes your brain think that you are very full and don’t need to eat.

In research trials, people taking 3 grams, or 3000 mgs, of Hoodia in a day would eat between 1000 and 1500 fewer calories that day.  Unlike many older weight loss supplements, Hoodia won’t give you the jitters and won’t keep you up at night.  You can even take it right before bed.  Perhaps Hoodia can retrain us to eat less, more like people in Europe.

Hoodia could be the answer to your prayers.

Do you feel deprived when you try to eat less to lose weight?  Do you find yourself snacking constantly because you always feel hungry? Either way, Hoodia could be the answer.  In most cases, Hoodia starts working the first day.  But some people find that it can take as long as a week to feel the full benefit.  Hoodia is considered a type of food in Africa and other parts of the world, but in the US, Hoodia products carry a disclaimer to the effect that “statements regarding Hoodia have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”  Similarly, there are statements on Hoodia websites that they are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease, and to see your doctor before starting on any diet or weight loss product.

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