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This blog will give you more information about the truth regarding Hoodia:  what it does and does not do, what should one expect when taking the supplement, and supplement brands of Hoodia that are validated to be authentic.

This blog will tell the truth about Hoodia!

I was introduced to Hoodia back in 2007.  Despite it being one of the most popular diet supplements in the market, I had never heard about it until that time in 2007. I am not that into diet pills, and I really don’t entertain a healthy interest in them, but with Hoodia Gordonii, the fascination came as a surprise.

Hoodia GordoniiThe plant, Hoodia Gordonii has been around for hundreds of years and had already been used as a natural appetite suppressant – more importantly, it does not have any bad side effects!

The supplement industry is so replete with various products and one barely finds something like Hoodia; because of my fascination for it, I began to study it and spend so much time improving my knowledge of Hoodia.

One of the very first things that I noticed was that many people are quite misinformed about Hoodia, which is why I decided to create an entire blog featuring Hoodia and weight loss; first to help dieters, and second, to refute wrong information as well.

Not A Magic Pill

Hoodia is not a magical weight loss pill contrary to what other websites would claim it to be.  Hoodia has the potential to suppress appetite, this means that it does not do the same thing for everybody; so do not be misled and believe in the notion that all you need to miraculously loose weight is popping a few Hoodia pills.

Appetite suppression from Hoodia can only be achieved with a healthy helping of the supplement pills; unfortunately, most of the products in the market contain only trace amounts of Hoodia, or no Hoodia at all!

There are a few Hoodia products that I highly recommend on this blog as listed on the Top Rated Pure Hoodia page, however, read on and make your own decisions as to which is the best choice, or if you even need the supplement to begin with.

Always remember though, that Hoodia can only suppress your appetite and to really experience a considerable loss in weight, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly.



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I was introduced to Hoodia back in 2007. I am not that into diet pills, but with Hoodia Gordonii, the fascination came as a surprise. This blog will give you information on what Hoodia does and does not do. The truth!