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Pioneer Pure Hoodia Users – Kalahari Bushmen

Posted by borzack On March - 20 - 2009

The San Kalahari bushmen drying Hoodia GordoniiAncient cultures are sporadically distributed all over the world – one of these ancient cultures famous for the ‘click’ language is the Ju/Hoansi Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia.  They are referred to as the San, and have been practicing some of the oldest cultures in the world.

The San subsisted mainly on edible plants because although the Kalahari is relatively dry, there are a diverse number of very nutritious plants in the desert, such as the now famous Hoodia Gordonii which is an appetite suppressant.  The San people can survive for several days without eating because their consumption of Hoodia keeps feelings of hunger away.
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$150K Free Hoodia Trials Lawsuit Settlement

Posted by borzack On March - 19 - 2009

Ultralife Fitness, a company in Utah, had to pay $150,000 in settlements to the Federal Trade Commission for charges regarding their free Hoodia trial offer. It was a good thing that the company was able to pay the sum for the settlement, otherwise, the consumer damages might set them back for more than $9 million.
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Pure Hoodia Content

Posted by borzack On March - 15 - 2009

Many Hoodia supplements are not true to their claims.

Most of these supplements might even contain fillers like sawdust. Hoodia Gordonii is rare and cannot be acquired easily so you can expect to pay around $60 for a month’s supply of authentic, genuine, 100% pure Hoodia.

Since the Hoodia frenzy has gone over the top and the supply of Hoodia is not that abundant, many companies have resorted to deceptive tricks to inflate their profits. Many Hoodia pills contain very little or even no Hoodia at all.
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Effective Hoodia Dosage

Posted by borzack On March - 14 - 2009

Hoodia Gordonii can effectively suppress the appetite in facilitation of weight loss, however…

How much of Hoodia should we take to achieve maximum results?

Ideal Hoodia DosageThere has been much written about the effectiveness of Hoodia and there are often questions as to the effective dosage of this diet product. Of course, the very first thing that I would say to consumers who want to know how much Hoodia is safe and effective is to read the label of the product they are purchasing. I have other suggestions though, that would be more helpful.

I have to make sure, initially, that you are aware that if you have any health conditions or are taking any medication other than diet supplements, you have to ask your doctor first if you plan to take Hoodia as well. Before taking anything that has to do with your body, always ask your doctor’s opinion first.

What you will read here is information that I have collected from my previous researches as well as analysis data from Dr. Varallo.
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UniqueHoodia Review

Posted by borzack On March - 14 - 2009

Purely Unique Hoodia Gordonii Diet Supplement


Unique Hoodia is definitely unique and you will agree with me after you finish reading this review. Here are the highlights of UniqueHoodia:

Availability – not limited to US only, ships Worldwide!

Affordable – $32.50 per 90 pills with multiple purchases

Authentic – contains 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii

Safe – no stimulants, no additives, no fillers

Organic – certified USDA Organic

High Customer Satisfaction – re-order rate of 93%

Guarantee – 6 months money back guarantee

Buy UniqueHoodia Now or continue with the full review

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